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Elia Yngvesson

Living in the deep forrests of Småland in south Sweden.
One of the founders of Yngvesson Lures. Loves all that includes fishing but started with trolling. Now jig fishing is the main method.
Konstruerar och designar en del av TeamYngvessons produkter bla. är han pappa till Wobblern “Myngster” och tailbetet “Mr Ed” men även delaktig i utveckling av diverse gummibeten.
Personal bests

Abborre 2,0kg

Gädda 15,9kg

Gös 3,2kg 

Nils-Emil Yngvesson

Living in Stockaryd, south Sweden. Never says no the fishing no matter the species or method. One of the founders of Yngvesson Lures and maker of Tail Shaker.
En av grundarna till TeamYngvesson, en hejjare på 3D-cad och konstruktör till jiggen “Tailshaker” och “Tailshakertail”

Thomas Ström

Born and raised around Sundsvall in north Sweden. Allready as a kid he started with ice-fishing. Fishing has always been a big hobby. Pike fishing is the biggest interrests but the fun part with allt he fishing is to get every piece in its place - weather, bait, time
Personal bests
 Gädda 13,2kg
 Gös 4,6kg
 Abborre 1220g